The first edition was held in Milan from 2nd to 3rd february 2017
2018 Edition:

Shipping, Forwarding&Logistics meet Industry

The purposes are to hold a great national two-day event in Milan to discuss how strengthening the competitiveness of the Italian port and logistic system can be a great opportunity to boost the recovery and development of the national manufacturing and distribution system and to present the Italian shipping and logistic excellences, especially the following: motorways of the sea, logistic hubs (ports – freight terminals), intermodal systems/rail freight, innovations in the logistic process.

The event, organized by ClickutilityTeam, is promoted by The International Propeller Clubs and Federazione del Mare and it will involve the main associations of the shipping, maritime and manufacturing branch, among which Confitarma, Alsea, Confetra, Assologistica and Assolombarda.

The first edition was held in Genoa from 23th to 28th may 2017
2017 Edition:

Genova Smart Week

Genova Smart Week is a week of events, conferences and meetings, sponsored and organized by the Genoa Smart City Association and the Genoa Municipality, with the scientific coordination of the Department of Economic Development and Smart City of Genoa and with the technical support of ClickutilityTeam.

The event offers an exchange of views at international level on the development of an innovative and livable city. The goal is being a collector of good practices that companies and institutions have been experiencing for the sustainable development of the territories and analyze technological and non-technological tools for the creation of a smart city at a human scale. The week offers moments of meetings and engagements between the city of Genoa and the local and regional institutions and companies; between the city and the citizens; between Genoa and International guests who come for the occasion to Genoa from the United States and other countries; between Genoa and the representatives of institutions at a governmental and European level.
Genoa Smart Week also aims to be the event that communicates to the citizens and to the city, the innovations that the council is carrying on to make Genoa more livable and safe; this is to deliver smart, sustainable services and to let  the citizens participate in the process of innovation and livability of the city itself.

This hear the second Edition of event
2016 Edition:

Life Tech Forum

Life Tech Forum: developing new organizational models, exploiting digital and technological infrastructures, combining implemented ideas and solutions to make them fit for the new generation of Medical and Social Assistance Services, including prevention, assistance, care, treatment, monitoring and support – also remote-operated – for “vulnerable” patients and in case of chronic and multi-chronic diseases.
The first edition of this event will take place on April, 6th and 7th in Genoa, at CISEF – Centro Internazionale Studi e Formazione Germana Gaslini (International Research and Education Centre Germana Gaslini) and will be focused on the Italian market, but with a strong international outlook, and will count on partnerships with other Regions that have gained great expertise in the considered subject areas.
Life Tech Forum will thus represent an exclusive and informal platform to discuss with economic professionals, specialized in this field, operators, regulators and users about the most significant emerging topics on E-Health Care and Smart Cities (Home Automation/ IoT&SAFETY): this is a perfect chance allowing supply and demand of the sector to meet, as well as an excellent innovation lab in the field of medical and social assistance services and relevant enabling technologies.
Through this new event, institutions and national and local companies aim at making the new life sciences and such best practices an heritage for the entire community and sharing them with the whole Nation and European Community.

The first edition was held in Genoa from 23th June 2014 to 28th June 2014
Next Edition:
2018, NAPLES

Naples Shipping Week

Clickutility Team conceived Port&ShippingTech, International Forum held in Genoa since its firs edition in 2009. As of 2013 is the main conference of the Genoa Shipping Week. Clickutility Team has started a partnership with the Naples Propeller Club (the Propeller Club gathers together the main actors of the maritime cluster). Thanks to this partnership the 2014’s edition of Port&ShippingTech was held in Naples as part of the Naples Shipping Week.

The goal of our close partnership with Naples is to alternate the two cities as venues of this event.

The edition held in Naples was focused on topics like “Sea Highways”, Green Shipping and Smart Ports.

The Naples Shipping Week has also hosted several cultural events co-produced along with the Forum Universale delle Culture di Naples, these events were part of a programme called “The Shipping Week of the Universal Forum of Cultures Naples”. The events proposed a series of events like seminars, congresses, exhibitions and dedicated to the promotion of sea culture.

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The first edition was held in Genoa from 16th September 2015 to 18th September 2015
2016 Edition:

28 – 30 JUNE, GENOA

Med Security Summit – Future challenges for maritime and port security

Held as part of the Genoa Shipping Week, the inaugural edition of the Med Security Summit will bring together a series of experts to examine and discuss the problems particular to shipping and maritime security in the Mediterranean.

This unique two days event will take a holistic approach to examining the critical issues that distinguish a series of problems particular to the Mediterranean and those countries bordering it. While focused on the Mediterranean, the conference will, however, examine the overall international picture and how global events have an impact on maritime security in the Mediterranean.

Focus will be placed on subject areas as diverse as port and cruise liner security, human and narcotic trafficking, future challenges, and maritime terrorism.

Since 2009 is the forum leader in the Mediterranean maritime-port cluster developement.
Next Edition:

28 – 30 JUNE, GENOA


Port&ShippingTech, the Main Genoa Shipping Week Conference, is the event that in just six years has established itself as one of the world’s leading events for logistics, shipping and especially for the development of port logistic systems.

The Forum is dedicated to the confrontation between professionals about cutting edge technological innovations in order to promote the logistic systems in modern ports.

Unique in the industry, this event offers two days full of initiatives dedicated to the development of companies’ business.

After five edition in Genoa, last year P&ST moved to Naples as a Main Conference of the Naples Shipping Week. This year we are back to Genoa again as a main event of Genoa Shipping Week, co-organized by ClickutilityTeam and Assagenti. This one week event will end with the Gala Dinner Party organized by Shipbrokers and Shipagents Group of Genoa, one of the most important events in the maritime sector. Organized by Young Shipbrokers and Shipagents Group of Genoa.

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Since 2012 is the leader event in Europe for the intelligent and sustainable mobility development.
Next Edition:

10 – 11 October, 2017

Smart Mobility World

Smart Mobility World confirms its status as the only and most important European event dedicated to sustainable, connected and integrated mobility in the XXI century, able to offer a complete overview of Smart City and Green Mobility topics.

This initiative is organized by ClickutilityTeam, GL events Italia-Lingotto Fiere and Innovability, with the support of Turin Chamber of Commerce, that ended on November 14th at the Lingotto Congress Center.
puntino   ITN Infrastructures & technologies for the Smart City Forum (www.itnexpo.it), Since 2009 the only Italian event that gathers together buyers and sellers in Smart City and Digital Agenda sector. ITN represents a connection between infratsructure operastors, local and national institutions and providers of smart technologies identifing itself as a“melting pot”giving networking opportunities and business matching;
puntino   Telemobility Forum (www.telemobilityforum.com), Telemobility Forum, since 2002, is the only event in Europe which combines the ITS world with newly rising Smart Cities, able to connect industry professionals, institutions and technologies suppliers, and to link researchers, experts and specialists.Telemobility is the perfect place where to discuss and present future developments in ITS, GPS, Galileo, GIS, telematics and navigation services and applications;
puntino   Green Cars Forum (www.greencarsforum.com), The first event focused on technologies developed to be fitted in low-emissions cars. Green Cars Forum will give you a complete overview of technologies for tomorrow’s mobility: sustainable, digital, integrated. In the second edition (2014) we had over 3.500 attendees; 152 sponsors, exhibitors and partners; 230 speakers and 36 conferences, over 700 test drives on low-emissions cars, over 75 journalists, a huge press review of 2.000 articles (newspapers, blogs, websites, social networks and TV).

The first edition was held in Genoa From 16th September 2013 to 22th September 2013.
Next Edition:
JUNE 30th – JULY 1st, GENOA

Genoa Shipping Week

The first edition of the Genoa Shipping Week (16-22 september 2013), was generated by the merge of two International events based in Genoa (Port&ShippingTech and Shipagents and Shipbrokers Dinner) and has brought in Genoa over 5.000 guests from more than 40 countries to be present at the 20 events organized.

There will be a series of conferences and meetings opened to the whole international shipping community.
The Genoa Shipping Week is organized by Clickutility Team srl in partnership with Assagenti the association that gather together industry operators, including agents and brokers; aviation agents, general agents.

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Think BEyond: vision from Milan; 2-3 OCTOBER 2014
Latest appointments:


BEyond 2015

BEyond2015 is the event that traces the road to a livable city. Two days of workshops, conferences, expo and seminars will examine the tools, both technological and methodological, to create a human-scale smart city.

On the 2nd of October 2014 we held the first event of Beyond2015: “Think BEyond: Vision from Milan”, where institutions, companies and professionists talked about on crucial topics such as “the concept of a liveable city” and “the legacy of Expo for Milan and the companies that will join in the universal exposition”.

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Since 2012 is the event of European reference for robotics service.
Latest Edition:
29 – 30 APRIL 2015, MILAN

Robobusiness Europe

Robobusiness Europe is the European version of Robobusinnes USA. We are now ready for the third edition after the great success of the one held in Denmark in the city of Billund (Legoland) last year in 2014. This year it will come back in Italy in the city of Milan (April 29-30 2015). It will be on of the most important forums in the Disruptive Week, organized by Innovability one of our pattners. A week whose aim is to offer a series of events focused on topics such as “Innovations, wereable technologies,Disruptive technologies, robotics and Iot”.

Robobusinnes Europe is the B2B event leader in Europe in the robotic sector and give the participants networking, updating, development opportunities and the possibility of starting new businesses.

The format consists in two days of international conferences focused on the latest innovations (high profile speakers from all over the world will hold the speeches); moment dedicated to reserved B2B meetings at ATA Hotel Expo Fiera di Milano; EXPO Area with live demonstration and hands-on-experience; a programme tailored for START UPS that will end with the specific event PITCH FIRE.

Latest Editions:
4-5 JULY 2013, PISA
29-30 NOVEMBER 2013, GENOA

Green City Energy – The road show for Smart Cities development

The Forum “Green City Energy” was born in Pisa in July 2010 after a Think Tank held in December 2009 when for the first time the concept of “Smart city” was introduced in the country. This event is the main appointment for the people who work in the field of city development especially from a“Smart” point of view.

For three years (2010-2013) this event has been held in several cities all of them leaders in terms of development as Smart Cities. The cities where we held the event are Pisa, Genoa and Bari. In 2013 we held three editions in a row in these cities.

In 2014 Green City Energy moved to Milan where we organized Think Beyond: Vision from Milan. This new event is part of the circuit “BEyond 2015” and prospects new and challenging topics in order to create a debate among institutions, companies and universities whose aim is to develop the Smart City around the needs of the people who live in it.