ClickutilityTeam is also specialized in the design, personalization, organization and delivery of Eco-drive training courses. Eco-drive courses are dedicated to: people, institutions, corporate fleets and also TPL, drivers and managers.

Eco-drive is a driving environmentally technique. It is safe, comfortable, economical, with lower energy consumption. Eco-drive with a good maintenance of the vehicle allows to obtain a fuel saving between 15% and 25%.

To become Ecodriver, you must attend a theoretical and practical course. If you learn the Eco-drive, you will always drive with the ecological driving style.

Eco-drive is a international reality, that is already used in nine European Countries. The European Community has already made a plan for reduction of pollutant emissions from cars. It is reachable through an awareness campaign allows to obtain a more intelligent use of private vehicles.

Eco-drive National School

Eco-drive National School – positive consequence of the Project Eco-drive created by Euromobility in 2008 – is now established in the field of local public transport and in the private mobility area.
Today, Eco-drive National School is promoted by Euromobility Association and ClickutilityTeam.
The School offers traning courses of Eco-drive techniques. Courses are designed to economic and energy savings. Courses are made by a team of coaches educated by leader international schools. The training go on one day and includes classroom teaching and practice tests.
The course can be held at the applicant office or at one of the structures of the Eco-drive National School.

The advantages for the company

puntino     Savings: the Eco-driver allows to obtain fuel savings up to 25%. The savings generates a profit for the company bigger than the cost of the course.

puntino    CO2 reduction : the Eco-drive contributes to the restraint of greenhouse effect , with a reduction in CO2 emissions of 15 grams per kilometer.

puntino    Corporate Social Responsibility : the company that adopt management model based on social and environmental values also obtain benefits in terms of visibility and economic return.

Board devices

Eco-drive National School provides board devices that store information during the tests and allow to have quantitative valutations about the improvements in the Eco-drive techniques.

Our Eco-drive courses

ClickutilityTeam has developed Eco-drive courses for the drivers of some companies of the TPL, such as ATAC, ATB, Autostradale, ATAF, SVAP e SAVDA.

ClickutilityTeam has collaborated with some Italian Region such as Regione Autonoma Valle D’Aosta, Regione Liguria, Regione Emilia Romagnato develop projects, courses and devices related to Eco-drive.

For more information:
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